Grant Black Calf

Modern broquesko i svart kalvskinn. En sko handgjord i England som passar lika bra på jobbet som vid andra tillfällen.

Tillverkade för hand i England

Svart kalvläder

Genomgående läderstoppning invändigt

Goodyear Welt 7 mm lädersula

446 läst

F passform (Medium)

Finns i storlekar 40,5-46 (UK 7-11)

Ordinarie pris: 3 795 kr

Nuvarande pris: 2 657 kr


Barker skor säljer vi endast i vår butik på Sankt Eriksgatan 55 i Stockholm.

Om Barker

In 1880, Barker England was founded by Arthur Barker, with a vision to create some of the finest shoes in Northamptonshire. Every pair goes through 165 production stages and takes 6-8 weeks to make. Barker shoes are made by the finest craftsmen. Barker shoe skills have been developed over 125 years to provide exceptional quality, fit and comfort.


Barker Professional

Quality and craftsmanship executed to the highest level, are Barker Hallmarks. These distinguished styles using quality leathers ensure value beyond compare. It takes over 200 hand operations to make a Barker Goodyear welted shoe in a process which takes approximately eight weeks to complete. A reassuring mark of quality in a world where pace is ever increasing.

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